Prime Web Portal

The RJL Prime Web Portal provides clients with an intuitive interface to the functional areas of their Prime Brokerage Account through traditional desktop browser or web enabled mobile devices.

Our web-based account management portal serves as the core element of our integrated Prime Brokerage clearing process.  Although most of your account information is available from our Prime Web Portal, each of our accounts will also be provided with login credentials to access systems hosted directly by the clearing agents at which they maintain an account.

Our system is designed to provide a user the ability to manage multiple Prime Brokerage accounts at multiple Prime Brokers from a single login.  Our customers have the ability to create system users, and provide those users entitlements and permissions specific to trader or back office functionality.

Report Away Trades

Manual Input or File Upload
Revise/Edit Trades before EOD

View & Solve Breaks

Efficient Online Resolution
Early email delivery

Open Street Accounts

Online Opening Process
Opt to Email Instructions to Broker

Key Prime Web Portal Features

Our main web portal page presents items you need to address, and also provides for quick and easy navigation to all the functional areas of your account 



Our integrated Multi-Prime Solution enables you to easily toggle between clearing firms



Equity Trade Input
Opt to Report your Away Trade to your Trading Platform
Trade Date And Settlement Date are Pre-populated for convenience

Multiple Trade Input for reporting Deal Stock

PRZime Brokerage Customer Portal

Our Trade Upload functionality enables those with their own systems to easily upload trades for processing.
Our system conducts a data quality check at the time of upload, and gives you the ability to fix any problems


Create Trade Activity Reports by Trade Type, Trader, Symbol, Street Account
Reports are generated in simple-to-read and printer friendly formats
Open Street Accounts through our quick and easy interface


Choose one account, or multiple accounts across multiple Prime Brokers
Solve trade discrepancies quickly and easily with our intuitive break resolution functionality

Decide if your designated system users have access to this section on a ‘view only’, or ‘view and solve’ basis.  


Trades in ‘Green’ are those reported to us by you.  Trades in ‘Orange’ are those trade IDs from your brokers


View Start of Day Balances & Positions
Create Printable Versions and setup automatic email delivery




Use our Mobile Account Management Portal while on the road to:
Report Trades – Solve Breaks – View Balances & Positions – And More