Financing & Stock Loan

Through our clearing partners, we deliver flexible and competitive margin financing and stock loan solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Through our clearing partners, we offer aggressive rates, tiered based on average daily balances. Leverage is extended on Intraday and overnight positions with Portfolio Margin capabilities available to qualified customers.

Contact us for a comprehensive needs analysis and discussion of our capabilities, rates, and margin financing solutions for, Overnight, Intraday, Enhanced Fixed Income, Cross Guarantees and Portfolio Margin capabilities

Securities Lending

Execute short sales and manage settlement risk by leveraging RJL Capital’s clearing relationships for access to comprehensive Securities Lending services. We utilize their provided “Easy to Borrow” lists to streamline the locate process for many liquid names.

Portfolio Margin

Portfolio margin is a risk-based margin policy available to qualifying US investors, usually resulting in significantly lower margin requirements on hedged positions than under traditional rules.  While margin requirements of Regulation T generally limit leverage on equity to 2:1, with portfolio margin, leverage of 6:1 or more is possible.