Prime Brokerage

Our fully disclosed clearing relationships with several major financial institutions allow us act as an Introducing Prime Broker, a model commonly referred to as Mini Prime. This service model affords our customers all the benefits traditionally found only by going directly to major Prime Brokers, while delivering the level of service expected from a smaller firm.

By maintaining multiple custodians, we provide a consolidated multi-custodial solution that allows managers the ability to diversify custodial risk while enjoying the operational ease of a single trading solution, service team, and reporting system

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Prime Web Portal

The RJL Prime Web Portal user in-house proprietary technology that provides clients with an intuitive interface to the functional areas of their Prime Brokerage Account through traditional desktop browser or web enabled mobile devices.

Custody & Clearing

We introduce our clients on a fully-disclosed basis to some of the world’s largest financial institutions

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • ICBC Financial Services
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Apex Clearing


Financing & Stock Loan

Through our clearing partners, we offer aggressive rates, tiered based on average daily balances. Leverage is extended on Intraday and overnight positions with Portfolio Margin capabilities available to qualified customers.

Portfolio Reporting

Appraisals By Asset Class By Security Type By Sector / Industry Unrealized Gains & Losses
Our Reporting engine includes a vast collection of report templates, and can be set up for automatic daily email delivery.

Service Team

Each client gets assigned a dedicated service rep to assist in all operational aspect of managing your prime brokerage account. Find out why our customer retention is 99.9%.