Trading Desk

Use our traditional voice call-in Trading Desk as a cost-effective alternative to the expense of hiring a full-time trading staff.

Call-In Desk

Use our Trading Desk, and take advantage of our full-service and cost-effective Outsourced Trading solution.  Staffed by established and experienced traders, we have forged trusted relationships with investment managers, who leave equity and options orders on our desk with confidence as we seek best execution, while always mindful of the client’s best interests

Special Handling

Customers may request that we monitor specific positions, mindful of intraday news, events and market fluctuations that may impact your portfolio. Our clients will be alerted to events and opportunities as they may arise; affording them the time and peace of mind necessary to focus on researching their next trade ideas, building and growing assets, and the myriad of other responsibilities inherent in the role of an asset manager.

Strategic Execution

Our traders adeptly navigate the markets to handle special situations and trades of illiquid securities. Diverse counterparty relationships enable us to seek liquidity through the effective use of leading edge systems, tools, and algorithms, allowing for efficient execution consistent with your needs and strategies.


Agency Only
No Prop Trading
No Market Making


Smart Routing
Dark Pools